i feel like reading fanfic has kind of broken my desire to read published stories bc like theyre so bland tbh like. where the hell am i gonna get queer android romance in a bookstore. who writes about past assassins working together in a coffeeshop. all i see are straight white people making out like really like REALLY

Okay, so while I get this sentiment and I super agree, there are a lot of self-published and indie writers that do just this! It just takes a little bit of perusing and hard work to get to it. Literally every time I pass a New Age / Used Bookstore, I go straight for the science fiction and hunt for any sort of woman writer I can find, or I’ll look for a writer of color or queer person or anything and read who is commenting on their books, then go from there. Anyway, it’s y’alls lucky day because I can actually give you a really awesome anthology of queer androids having sex.

Lesbian steampunk? Queer faeries? Weird alien sex that is probably queer? Science fiction subversion, post colonial science fiction, or afro-futurism, etc? Yeah, I have a shitton of stuff on my wish list. Have at it, kids.

Take notes and happy reading.

I was thinking something like this the last time I saw that post.  Let’s actually have a look and celebrate what’s there instead of assuming it doesn’t exist.

This is a constant struggle for me: trying to balance “there isn’t enough of this” with “this actually does exist and it’s awesome and let me gush about it until your ears bleed!” Sometimes I feel like people who have good intentions about pointing out how a group is marginalized in the media exaggerate and end up coming dangerously close to erasure by ignoring all the examples that are out there already.  By all means, say we need more because we do, but don’t pretend it’s not there.

queer authors and presses are out there! we are writing the books of our hearts even if the sales aren’t there and the big 5 publishers are hesitant to take us and our stories on. we are trying to find our audience and our audience is trying to find us.

I can’t stress enough, if you do find us, if you find someone writing that thing you want to read, trying to greenlight that show you want to watch, please please please please please support us so we can keep doing what we do and attract more people to writing and publishing and producing queer content! 

this goes doubletriplequadruple for the people writing qpoc and trans content

honestly, if all you’re seeing is straight white romance you’re clearly not trying hard enough

p much. not saying anything about the op personally obviously, but tbh my experience as an author is that people do a lot more complaining than they do actually buying (or requesting from libraries, or reviewing, or talking up/signal boosting) the books they’re supposedly clamouring for. it makes it really really fucking hard as a writer who writes marginalized people to keep doing what you do when you see people saying stuff like this CONSTANTLY but then you release a book with all those things and the sales and buzz are absolutely abysmal. 

I hear “romance is too white” constantly, but across the board the sales of books with POC characters never seem proportional to the amount of people complaining. and it’s not about one book being unappealing for whatever reason, it’s an identifiable pattern. and it’s one that’s even worse for POC authors.

I was on a panel earlier in the year and the question of why there isn’t more trans lit came up and basically the answer is this: no one buys it.

Everyone wants diverse books until they might have to do something other than pay lip service to the concept.

There *are* diverse books. Buy them. Support them. Then there’ll be more.

You don’t have to write your own but authors are also not going to break into your house and throw books at you. Try Google.

To most, being locked away in solitary with nothing but pen and paper would prove a hard punishment. What a strange creature who views this as heaven.
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Words to keep inside your pocket:

  • Quiescent - a quiet, soft-spoken soul.
  • Chimerical - merely imaginary; fanciful. 
  • Susurrus - a whispering or rustling sound. 
  • Raconteur - one who excels in story-telling. 
  • Clinquant - glittering; tinsel-like. 
  • Aubade - a song greeting the dawn. 
  • Ephemeral - lasting a very short time. 
  • Sempiternal - everlasting; eternal. 
  • Euphonious - pleasing; sweet in sound. 
  • Billet-doux - a love letter. 
  • Redamancy - act of loving in return.


let me take a #shelfie

first shelf: currently reading
second left, third and fourth shelves: read
second right shelf: to read

I’m gonna write tonight!!
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hey guys!! so i’m a bit (lol a lot) nervous about this and i’ve never done this before but there’s a first time for everything!! since i love writing and it is something i want to make a career out of one day that i’ve decided that i would like to open writing commissions!!! 

i’m offering drabbles and oneshots at the moment - please read everything on my commission info page which has my terms, pricing, and ordering process before sending me a request :D

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i’ve officially opened up writing commissions on my other blog!!! if you’re new to my writing then HERE, HERE, AND HERE are some samples :^) it’d mean a lot if you could check them out and consider commissioning me! it’d also mean a lot if you could reblog this post to help spread the word okay that is all thank you <3

Writers are often the worst judges of what they have written.
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